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A comprehensive location based look-up & tracking service.

Hosted LBS lookup service for the tracking and tracing of cellphones or devices on the cellphone networks.  We build technical solutions for the tracking and tracing industry, allowing our users to track and trace cellphones or GSM devices using the technology of the cellphone networks.

Our Product

Integrating to the cellphone networks, we allow for the tracking and location of devices connected to the cell networks using LBS technology. This does not require an app or special software on the device you’re tracking, as long as the device is switched on and connected to the cellphone networks (*) we can provide live location data on the device.

Web Portal Access

We can provide a clean, mobile-enabled web portal interface with a secure username and password required to access the facility to track a cellphone by cell number or MSISDN number. Each track is shown on a Google Map and a history of the users tracking is stored on the system.

API Support

By providing connectivity to our system via an API interface, our customers can integrate directly to our systems and enable their own applications or systems to perform lookups.


We charge a fixed monthly cost for connectivity to the service and then the user purchases ‘bundles’ of lookups to be used during the month.

* – currently supporting MTN and Vodacom networks

** – tracking using LBS services requires the owner of the cellphone or device to have provided written consent to being tracked

Easy As 1…2…3…

The system makes use of triangulation data provided by the cellphone networks to identify the location of the device on the network. This technology is commonly used for vehicle tracking, locating high-risk people via their cellphones (**) or tracking the location of lost or stolen cellphones or tablets.

** – tracking using LBS services requires the owner of the cellphone or device to have provided written consent to being tracked


LBS tracking uses Location Based Services to get a location of a cellphone or other device connected to the cellphone networks. This service is provided by the cellphone towers and by tracking which towers a device is connected to at any particular time, the network can determine the location of the device or phone.

When a track is initiated from our system, within seconds, it will provide live data on the current location of the device.

To be tracked, the cell device needs to be switched on and connected to the network. The device does not have to have any special software or app installed. Simply being connected to the network allows for an LBS lookup.

The accuracy of an LBS track is very dependent on the location, how many towers there are in the area and their distance from the device. Some of the cell networks do not support LBS but Vodacom and MTN do, which includes the majority of users in South Africa.

Certain devices may not be tracked, dependent on the cellphone network and the quality of the connection between the device and the tower.


LBS tracking accesses  the users current location and other sensitive data. We do implement a vetting process for subscribers who want to use LBS tracking.


  1. For a company – a copy of CK Documents; or for private individual or Sole Prop – a copy of ID book
  2. List of authorized users with access to the username and password
  3. Police Clearance certificates for all authorized users
  4. Signing of the SA Software LBS Agreement
  5. Debit order form
  6. Proof Of Payment

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